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New Surf Shades Frame Design Now Available!

Surf Shades New Design
  • Smaller Frame Size, Perfect for Women & Up to Average Size Men
  • Same Great Quality!
  • Same Low Price!
  • See Catalog Model #s 7-10 for Polarized Surf Shades
  • See Catalog Model #s 17 & 18 for Non-Polarized Surf Shades
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Likes: They work. The most gnarly washing-machine wipeout could not tear these glasses off my body...
Roy Wallack, LA Times | Health

Body Surfing Equipment Enhances the Workout
By Roy Wallack | Gear

August 2, 2013, 3:30 p.m.

Back when I was a kid going to the beach every weekend with my dad, I never thought of body surfing as a workout. It was just pure exhilaration — dog-paddling out there for hours, waiting for a good swell, then swimming like crazy for a couple of seconds to catch the wave and ride it at eyeball level, a human surfboard in a rush of sound and foam. Gear wasn't necessary, other than a fin or two. But when I rediscovered body surfing recently, I was surprised to find that gear for it had evolved and that it was a fantastic all-body workout — and just as much fun as ever.

Sunglasses that stick

Surf Shades: Polarized sunglasses for all water sports include a leash/collar system that wraps around your head and neck, preventing them from becoming lost even when you're tossed in the roughest whitewater.

Likes: They work. The most gnarly washing-machine wipeout could not tear these glasses off my body, and it was great to have the oppressive glare of sun and water radically reduced. The design starts with an elastic strap that clicks into each end of the sunglass arms, then connects that to a neoprene leash and collar around your neck. The glasses can be knocked off your face but not off your body. They include 100% UVA and UVB protection. Note: They are not goggles designed to keep water out of your eyes.

Dislikes: None

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Surf Shades One Year Guarantee

If Surf Shades are lost in the ocean during use we will replace them at no charge plus shipping.
If you don't think these are the best water sports sunglasses, return them for a full refund within 30 days of purchase date.

Surf Shades Are Perfect for All Water Sports!

Standup Paddle Boarding / Kiteboarding / Windsurfing / Surfing
Body Boarding / Body Surfing / Wake Surfing / Wake Boarding
Kayaking / Jet Skiing / Sailing / Fishing / Boating

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