1. Do Surf Shades Really Work?

Absolutely, the Strap/Leash/Collar System allows Surf Shades to come off your head during a strong wipeout or fall – while staying with you – so they can easily be put back on. Surf Shades can also drop to the base of your neck after a wipeout – just pull them back up. The adjustable elastic head strap keeps them comfortable and never tight against your head.

2. How do I keep Surf Shades from fogging up?

Spray anti-fog spray on both sides of each lens and wipe clean with the Microfibre Cloth before each use. If lenses fog up during use, rinse them in water – then lick both sides each lens and rinse them again. Loosen the head strap and slide the Surf Shades down the nose to allow more airflow.

3. Why are Polycarbonate Frame and Lenses Important?

Polycarbonate Frames are very lightweight, flexible and buoyant. Polycarbonate Lenses are very strong and provide much better protection from shattering than glass or plastic lenses.

4. What are the Benefits of Polarized Lenses?

Surf Shades are premium 2.0 mm Polarized lenses imported from Japan.

Surf Shade lenses are polarized vertically. Since reflected light is generally horizontally polarized, the vertical polarization in our lens will act to block or reflect the vertically polarized light.

Glare Reduction
Polarized lenses reduce or eliminate over 90% of all glare from the sun and sea. Whether it's light reflected from a roadway, building, another vehicle, mirror, glass, water or whatever, the lens will block the vertically polarized light from getting to your eyes. Glare is a problem in many areas of work, play and everyday activities. If you are driving home from work and the late day sun all of a sudden gets in your eyes, this can be a potentially dangerous situation, possibly even causing an accident. However, if you are wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses, the sudden glare will not affect you as much and the situation should not be as dangerous.

Eases Stress On Eyes
Since harmful light rays are blocked and what you see is enhanced, your eyes will not have to do as much work. This results in less stress to your eyes and therefore less eye strain. Eye strain is a common cause of headaches, so this is a huge advantage. In some cases, eye stress can make your eyes more susceptible to problems, so reduction of eye stress is and important advantage.

Better Contrast
Contrast is another advantage of polarized lenses. Because glare is blocked, contrast is enhanced. Better contrast results in better safety for many outdoor activities, from driving to water skiing to cross country skiing. Better contrast helps you see things better.

Enhanced Clarity
Better contrast, reduced glare and less stress on the eyes results in better clarity overall. If you can see things more clearly, your performance will be better no matter what you are doing.

Eye Protection
When you wear Surf Shades with polarized lenses, your eyes are virtually 100% protected from UVA and UVB rays. These forms of light are the most harmful to your eyes. People with very sensitive eyes, very old or young people and people who have eye conditions or have had eye surgery recently should take special care to protect their eyes from these rays.

5. Are Prescription Lenses Available?

Yes, prescription Polarized lenses are available for Surf Shades. The Cost is $300.00, 14 Business Days are needed for the special orders.

Please contact us by phone to order.

6. What Are Shipping Costs?

Inside U.S. - Free 2 Day Priority Mail
Outside U.S. - $20.00 USD