The idea for Surf Shades came after years of staring into the glare of the sun while sitting in the lineup waiting for the next set. I wanted to wear my sunglasses in the water, but there wasn’t anything available at that time.

I also wanted to see better and protect my eyes from sun damage. I was slightly nearsighted, and the bright sun and glare off the ocean had bothered me ever since I burned my eyes snow skiing without sunglasses when I was young.

My goal was to be able to safely wear my prescription sunglasses while surfing. Keeping them secure during the occasional violent impact of a wipeout was key.

I began developing prototypes with a Strap/Leash/Collar and wore my sunglasses every time I rode waves. Slowly over a few seasons I developed and improved the product. I used a breakaway clip on the collar to provide safety in case the sunglasses ever get caught on anything. With the buoyancy of neoprene to allow them to float, I knew I could wear my sunglasses without the fear of losing them.

Surf Shades have become the most comfortable, safe and secure sunglasses in the active sports market today.

Dave Bent

U.S. Patent No: 7,284,855
Trademark No: 3,342,311